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Nashville, TN – Beside Fireplace Built-in

Nashville, TN – Beside Fireplace Built-in

The Challenge: An Awkward Space by the Fireplace

This family faced a common yet frustrating issue in their cozy living room: an awkward space beside their fireplace. This area, flanked by windows, proved challenging for placing furniture without obstructing natural light or feeling too cramped. The family longed for a solution that could provide both a display area and ample storage for their extensive collection of books, all without overshadowing the room’s existing charm.

Our Solution: Custom Built-In Cabinets and Shelving

At Flautt Woodworks, we saw an opportunity to transform this underutilized space into a functional and attractive feature of their home. Our proposal was to design a bespoke built-in unit that would harmonize with both the fireplace and the windows, providing storage and display space without compromising the room’s aesthetics or functionality.

Design and Craftsmanship

The design process began with a thorough assessment of the space and a detailed discussion with the homeowners about their needs and style preferences. We decided on a combination of lower cabinets for concealed storage and custom shelving that would frame the windows beautifully, enhancing the natural light and views rather than obstructing them.

For the materials, we chose a high-quality, real wood with a finish that matched the existing decor, ensuring the built-in looked integral to the room. The lower cabinets featured smooth, panel doors with elegant hardware, while the shelves were designed to be sturdy and adjustable, perfect for both displaying decorative items and organizing books.

The Installation Process

Our team meticulously measured and crafted each component of the built-in unit, paying close attention to the details surrounding the window frames and existing fireplace structure. The installation process was carefully managed to minimize disruption to the family’s daily life and protect the surrounding areas.

The Outcome

The result was a stunning addition to the family’s living room, perfectly marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal. The new built-in provided a seamless blend of storage and display, enhancing the room’s functionality without compromising its inviting atmosphere.


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