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Andrew Flautt

Andrew Flautt

Owner & Head Craftsman

Andrew has over 15 years of experience in construction. In his youth, he enjoyed woodworking as a hobby. As Andrew explored more challenging projects over the years, his experience and passion for woodworking and construction continued to grow. While he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business from Thomas A. Edison University, he worked full-time in the construction industry and envisioned owning and running his own business one day.

In 2016, Flautt Woodworks was born out of Andrew’s desire to design clients’ dream projects and provide low stress, enjoyable experiences. His desire became a reputation that they continue to exude. (check out our Google reviews) As Andrew acquired more complex projects, he grew the company to meet the needs of these projects. In the beginning, he had one employee. Today, he leads a team of four skilled men. Andrew is grateful to have achieved the vision of a company that was once only a dream.