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Franklin, TN – Kitchen Cabinet Build

Franklin, TN – Kitchen Cabinet Build

When this Franklin, TN based family commissioned us to create a custom mudroom, they were thrilled with the result: a beautifully crafted space with high-quality real wood and meticulous details. However, the completion of the mudroom brought an unexpected realization—their kitchen’s builder-grade cabinets paled in comparison, both in quality and aesthetic, diminishing the overall elegance of their home.

Our Initial Success: A Custom Mudroom Build

The journey began with our task to design and build a functional yet exquisite mudroom. The project was a hit, impressing the clients with its superior craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, setting a new standard of quality within their home.

The Solution: Upgrading the Kitchen to Match the Mudroom

Motivated by the mudroom’s craftsmanship, our client requested a similar upgrade for their kitchen. We proposed real wood cabinetry that would echo the mudroom’s design, featuring custom details that seamlessly blended with their sophisticated style.

Design and Implementation

We designed the kitchen cabinets with an emphasis on detail, ensuring each piece was crafted to perfection. Using the finest materials, we incorporated features like soft-close drawers, custom paneled doors, and bespoke hardware that complemented the home’s upscale ambiance. The design aimed not only to beautify the kitchen but also to enhance functionality with ample storage and improved accessibility.

The Installation Process

Our team meticulously replaced the existing kitchen cabinets with the new units, ensuring every installation step was carefully planned and executed with minimal disruption to the family’s daily life.

The Outcome

The transformed kitchen perfectly reflected the mudroom’s quality and style, achieving a cohesive and elegant look throughout the home. The clients were ecstatic with the upgrade, which exceeded their expectations in both aesthetics and functionality.

We pride ourselves on the ability to not only meet but elevate the standards of craftsmanship in any home. By maintaining high-quality standards and ensuring design continuity, we transform spaces from sub-par to  sophisticated and functional.


Flautt Woodworks - Franklin, TN Woodworking

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