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How Built-ins Affect Home

How do built-ins affect a home?

First, built-ins add space efficiency.  When vertical and horizontal space are utilized by cabinetry, it allows for more storage space, making for less dead wall space beside furniture.  

Second, built-ins add an esthetically pleasing element. They are, simply put, pleasing to the eye. They make a room feel grand. Talk about first impressions, built-ins give a room a top notch first impression. When a room feels esthetically pleasing, it makes you want to spend more time within it’s walls.

Third, built-ins add a taller appearance to a room.  Floor to ceiling built-ins draw the eye upward, giving the illusion that the ceilings are higher than they actually are.

Fourth, built-ins add cohesiveness to a room.  Andrew designs our built-ins to integrate beautifully with your current baseboards and/or crown moulding, giving a cohesive look.

In conclusion, built-ins are a beautiful addition to any home.  They add space efficiency, esthetic, taller appearance, and cohesiveness.  If you are considering built-ins for your home or office, look no further.  Here at Flautt Woodworks we take pride in designing, building, staining, and installing our custom built-ins.  We are also licensed electricians, and can add any electrical work into your built-in or provide electrical services separate from the built-ins. 

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What makes Flautt Woodworks different than other carpentry companies?

Flautt Woodworks was founded as away to meet a need that was lacking in the carpentry industry in and around Franklin, TN.  In 2016, Flautt Woodworks was born out of a desire to design clients’ dream project, build projects with real wood, and provide low stress, enjoyable building experiences. We are able to fulfill these needs and that is what makes our company stand out amongst the crowd.

When Andrew, owner and project designer, Andrew, started the company, he knew he wanted to build clients’ dream projects.  His masterful design skills and clever problem-solving skills allow him to quickly and efficiently decipher the needs of a space and design a project that solves the clients’ problems.

Another way Flautt Woodworks stands out is our use of real wood.  When you purchase cookie-cutter furniture online or in store, you are most likely purchasing MDF or particle board furniture.  The longevity of MDF and particle board is minimal and the durability is scant. That is why we use real wood to construct our custom, built-ins. Real wood provides greater longevity and durability. We will not settle for less quality, to cut corners; we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship.

Additionally, we know that clients’ want a low-stress project experience, and we are here to help.  Over the years, we’ve heard many clients lament about their experience with other construction/carpentry companies.  These clients always followed-up by complementing us on our communication, attention to details, timeliness, and quality.  We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated: with respect and good communication.

In conclusion, our company, Flautt Woodworks, is a company born from the desire to design clients’ dream projects, build projects with real wood, and provide low stress, enjoyable building experiences.  We strive each day to meet these needs in our community, and we stand out from the crowd by doing so.

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Built-in Bookcases vs. Store-bought Bookcases

When it comes to bookcases, there are 3 important factors to play attention to: stability, weight bearing, and space efficiency. Each of these elements are based on either safety or prime usability. Built-ins out weight store-bought bookcases on all three elements.

First, BUILT-IN bookcases are more stable that store-bought bookcases, because built-in bookcases are anchored to the wall. This allows parents and grandparents to breath a little easier with children around. Store-bought bookcases are known for toppling over when children climb them, even when filled with books. Store-bought bookcases are NOT stable. Built-ins make for the safest choice when weighing the decision between a built-in bookcase and a store-bought bookcase.

Second, the weight bearing ability of shelving is highly important to those with a love of books. Books weigh a lot when collected together. That is why BUILT-INS are superior to store-bought bookcases in the arena of weight bearing ability. We build our built-in bookcases with real wood to provide the weight bearing ability that every booklover needs. On the other hand, store-bought bookcases and bookshelves tend to be built out of MDF and particle bord, making them less sturdy for holding those precious books. BUILT-INS are, once again, a better option for those seeking to truly utilize their shelves to max capacity.

Built-ins are the book-lovers’ best choice.
Last, space efficiency is very important in any home, especially when books are involved. A custom, built-in bookcase allows you to get a bookcase that perfectly reaches from corner to corner of that empty corner of your room. If you are a book-lover, that means more books can be stored on a built-in that a store-bought bookcase. (That’s a win!) On the flipside, store-bought bookcases are not made for your exact space, so they are usually a few inches shorter than that corner you are wanting a bookcase in, OR, more commonly, they are much shorter than your ceiling, so it does not allow for visual appeal or max space efficiency. BUILT-IN bookcases, yet again, are the best option for someone looking for space efficiency in their home.

In conclusion, it is important to weight 3 main factors when looking for a bookcase or bookshelves: stability, weight bearing, and space efficiency. When built-in bookcases are contrasted with store-bought bookcases on the factors, BUILT-IN bookcases are highly superior in all three areas. That is why we specialize in custom, real-wood built-in bookcases to truly suit your needs for safety and esthetic. Look no further than Flautt Woodworks for your built-in bookcase and bookshelf needs