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Flautt Woodworks - Franklin, TN Woodworking

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Flautt Woodworks - Franklin, TN Woodworking
true craftsmanship involves a deep understanding of our client’s desires, marrying their vision with our expertise to create something truly exceptional
Andrew and Katherine Flautt Owners

At Flautt Woodworks, our foundation is built on a legacy of passion and precision, a legacy that Andrew and Katherine Flautt carry forward as a team. Andrew, our head craftsman, grew up inspired by the creativity he saw in his family, particularly the detailed work of his father and grandfather. As a child, Andrew’s parents encouraged a path of self-taught learning and building. This early encouragement and his natural inclination towards problem solving formed the basis of his mastery in woodworking. Katherine, having seen Andrew’s potential and desire to pursue what he loves, encouraged him to focus on his craft while she took on the roles that complement his talents. Her journey into marketing began with a class Andrew suggested, sparking a passion that has since become instrumental in telling the Flautt Woodworks story and connecting with clients on a personal level. Their mutual support and shared values drive the essence of Flautt Woodworks.

Our team goes beyond mere functionality to create spaces that reflect the unique stories and dreams of those who inhabit them. Whether it’s a centerpiece for your living room or a custom bookcase for your study, Andrew and Katherine ensure each piece is not just an installation but a meaningful addition to your home. Inspired by their joint journey in craftsmanship, creativity, and a shared love for woodworking, Flautt Woodworks invites you to dream with us. From the spark of an idea to the final touch, we craft with quality and dedication, ensuring each piece not only enhances your space but also carries forward a legacy of heartfelt craftsmanship. At Flautt Woodworks, we craft not just furniture, but memories, infusing each project with integrity and love, echoing the lessons Andrew cherished from his family and the vision Katherine helped bring to life.

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